10 Common things that Could Make You Not to Serve In the NYSC

In this article we are going to briefly discuss ten(10) common things that could make any Prospective Corps Member (PCMs) not to go for NYSC with his batch. This is a must to read.

There is nothing more annoying than to discover that you have made a terrible mistake that has the potential to ruin your NYSC dreams, delay it or perhaps make it difficult for you to actualize.

Below are the 10 most common things that can deter you from serving in the NYSC:

1. Carry overs: If you have carryovers in your school, you will not be permitted to go for NYSC.

2. Final Clearance: After graduation, you are expected to complete your final clearance before going for NYSC. There is no way you can skip this, not possible.

3. Statement of Results: If you don't have original copy of your statement of result or certificate, do not even bother to come to the NYSC camp because you will be chased away, no amount of preas can stop it.

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4. NYSC signup: A lot of PCM make this mistake, after their final clearance, they just go home without bothering to know if their school require them to sign up for NYSC. In most shool PCMs are to submit their JAMB details to the Students' Affair Unit in their school for NYSC mobilization.

5. Age: This is very serious because it has denied so many people the opportunity to serve. If you are up to 30yrs, NYSC will not take you, exemption certificate will be issued to you instead.

NOTE: To see the method that NYSC uses to calculate PCMs' age for service, CIick Here

6. Data filled: Be extra careful when registration for NYSC online. Make sure all your data is correctly filled. Some PCMs do make mistake during 'thumb printing', especially those that register in Cyber café. So, be extra careful, do not thumbprint in another person's space. If you do, both you and the person will be in trouble.

7. Military/Para-military: During online registration if you fill that you have served in Nigerian military or para-military, NYSC will exempt you.

8. Name abbreviation: Please, be informed that NYSC does not allow name abbreviation.
Example: Okeke Emmanuel. O, Muhammad .B. Yusuf . All your names must be written in full. Eg. Muhammad Buhar Yusuf or Okeke Emmanuel Obi.

9. Senate list: If your name is not on the uploaded Senate list, you won't be able to serve. CIick Here to see how to include your name on the senate list.

10. Matriculation list: Check if your name is on the matriculation list Now!

ATTENTION: Remember to join NYSC forum at corperland.com

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