Corps Member Shares Chat Screenshot Of Scammer Who Begged For Forgiveness After Collecting His Money

A Nigerian man who got scammed by a man who posed as a 'pastor' has shared chat screenshots of the conversation he had with the scammer.

The man was convinced that the man was a pastor because he used 'Bible' verses for him too often. So, he maybe felt the scammer would have some sort of conscience. 

Sharing the screenshots of their conversation, he wrote; 
"Scammers everywhere… But this guy scam has alot of spices, he sends you bible verses and sermon daily. He apologizes after scamming you, this scammer has principles and he follows the code of conduct very well. Let me give the intro. 
"I met this guy on one NYSC WhatsApp groupchat like that and he told us on how to make money selling recharge cards daily so he cought my fancy and I started private chatting him."
Below are the screenshots;

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