How to Include Your Name On The NYSC Senate List

To ensure your name is being added on the NYSC senate list, you need to follow the steps below;

1. Make sure that you complete the final clearance in your school.

2. Your name must be on the JAMB Matriculation list; where in doubt you can check for confirmation. If your name is not on the JAMB matriculation list, you need to print-out your JAMB admission slip and submit to your Institution.
If you can't get the admission slip from JAMB probably because your admission is not direct from JAMB, then you need to do JAMB Regularization.
3. Sign up for NYSC in the Students' Affair Unit in your school. Some Institutions register their candidates automatically, so it's your responsibility to find out if your school need you to register by yourself.

4. Go back to your school to ensure your name is not omitted from the list; because even after signing up for NYSC, the person in charge by mistake may omit your name or even replace it with other person's name, so it's advisable to cross check before they take it to the NYSC.

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