How To Make NYSC Post You To The Place Of Your Choice

Most Prospective Corp Members (PCMs) want to be posted to a place of their choice. This is because they either want to enjoy their NYSC service, stay with relation or want to explore opportunities which they believe can easily be gotten in a particular state; whatever the reason maybe, we are here to show you some legitimate ways to get NYSC posting to your favourite state.

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Below is how to get your favourite state from the NYSC;

During the NYSC online registrations, there is a form you need to fill and submit online and it is part by part; there is a part where you would be required to select 'states' that you have visited before. 
So, when selecting states you have visited before, only choose those states that you never want NYSC to post you. The reason is because, the NYSC system was programmed not to include visited states at the part where you will be required to choose four(4) favourite states you want to serve.

<=> NYSC will give you a choice to choose four(4) states of your choice from 4 different geopolitical Zones in Nigeria; of which your state of origin and the state you schooled in will not be included in the option.
Before you will be allowed to choose your 4 favourite states, you will first be asked be to tick some states you have visited before. The states you choose under this section will not be displayed when choosing your 4 favourite states that you want NYSC to post you.

Now, here is the trick
When you get to the part you will choose states you have visited, you should simply tick states that you don't want to go to.
For example: if you don't want to be posted to 'Borno', choose Borno as one of the states you have visited in the past.

At the end, you may not be posted to the exact state you want, but at least you have eliminated those states that you dislike. Thank you.


  1. I had of this trick & a friend of mine confirmed that it worked for two of his friends in last year's registration...#God make e work for me ooooo

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