How You Can Successfully Process Your NYSC Redeployment

NYSC Redeployment can be broadly defined as the transfer of a Corps Member from one state to another.

If you wish to redeploy to another State, don't pay anybody, just read through this article.

It can be very anoying to be posted to a state that you actually do not desire, it can makes you seek for redeploment, but for whatever reason it may be for you to want to redeploy, you need to follow the right procedures.

Redeployment is real; it's your right if you can prove to the NYSC that you deserve it.
Presently, redeployment is done on 3 basis:

1. Security;

2. Marital;

3. Health.

Let's take them one after the other.
Security is only restricted to states prone terrorism, meaning that you can only get redeployment if and only if there is security challenges in the state you are posted.
If NYSC post you to state like, Borno, Adamawa, Kaduna, Benue etc. You can easily redeploy under security reasons.
For those applying for medical reasons, make sure you get a medical report from a government hospital. NYSC won't acknowledge medical reports from private institutions.
Medical reports are usually dated. The older the date on the medical report, the more serious NYSC officials will take it. If the report is dated a few days around when you printed your call up, it may raise suspicion about your motive for redeployment. For Example: you printed call-up 2nd June and your medical report is dated 20th June.
As soon as you get to camp, take your medical report to the camp clinic for authentication, then begin your application for redeployment.

Some people claim to have certain illnesses so as to get their application approved, but one thing you should understand is that it will go into your file for life, so whatever illness you claim, claim it wisely.

Study about the illness very well, and be ready to fake it if occasion calls for it.
My advice is that you should not claim to have any illness because NYSC officials will find out.

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These are the illnesses that Corps Members normally claim: Asthma which is manageable and can be managed from any hospital.
Sometimes, the NYSC officials assume if the illness did not kill you in 4,5or6 years in yout school, it won't kill you in one year of NYSC.
So they will post you close to a healthy facility instead of redeploying you.

For those that still won't follow my advice and still want to claim illnesses, claim an illness that is chronic, requires close monitoring by your doctor and difficult to diagnose manage.

For those who have genuine conditions, please take your medications, hospital consultation cards/appointment cards with you to camp. These will further support your case.

Also, you should not think that NYSC officials are fools.

When you were filling your biodata online, most people entered genuine information into the NYSC portal. Infact, there's a column where you are asked if you have any health challenge, some people will answer 'NO', only to later bring a medical report after the have been posted....Is it not funny?

During screening, NYSC officials will go through your biodata, state of origin, state where you schooled and the state where you want to be redeployed to. All these will be used to determine whether you will be redeployed or not and if you will be redeployed, they choose state for you.

For those that want to redeploy on marital basis, ensure you have all your documents including your marriage certificate, change of name newspaper publication, marriage pictures, etc

Do not pay anybody to process your redeployment for you.


  1. Good pm.please can you tell me how many hours from benin to kano state .....cause I heard 2days wanna confirm..and if is right to be in camp a day to

    1. Anonymous2:59 pm

      According to G00gle it is 11 Hours drive .

  2. Anonymous3:09 am

    Please can I apply for redeployment based on security reasons? ?I was posted to Zamfara.