List Of States Where Corps Members Have Recieved their January Allawance

Please, be informed that NYSC has paid January allawance for all the states. But due to some logistics problems, many corps members in some states have not been credited.

Also, their are some corps members who have not recieved their December, 2018 allawance, but have recieved for January, 2019.

Below are the list of state in which NYSC have credited some Corps Members;

1. Anambra
2. Oyo
3. Delta
4. Katsina
5. Rivers
6. Ogun
7. Kogi
8. Benue
9. Jigawa 
10. Nasarawa
11. Akwa Ibom
12. Abuja
13. Kwara
14. Kaduna
15. Edo
16. Sokoto
17. Ondo
18. Enugu
19. Imo
20. Cross Rivers
21. Niger
Note: Some Corps Members in the states listed above have recieved their allawances for the month of January, 2019.


  1. Please get your fact right before posting things here from yesterday till date, nobody received anything here in Jigawa. Thanks

    1. Anonymous6:37 am

      Jigawa has paid, I am serving in Jigawa and I have recieved my allawance. The fact that you haven't recieved urs doesnt mean that Jigawa has not paid.

  2. What of batch c stream 2 Dec allowance yeh mogbe oooo