NYSC Latest Updates For 2019 Batch 'A' PCMs

This updates is to clear 2019 Batch 'A' on the notification that was published by a certain school

Dear Prospective Corps Members (PCMs),
Please, we beg you to be mindful of the kind of websites you visit for information as regards to NYSC.
Some of these website owners do not confirm information before spreading it.
You can always get confirmed and reliable information from otondo.com.ng or from the NYSC Facebook group where you even have the opportunity to interact with other PCMs and Corps members.

Today, I almost cry when I came across a post making round the internet, telling PCMs to ignore the notification below; giving reason that it didn't come direct from NYSC nor from their respective institutions.

SEE the picture below; click on it to make it more visible or CIick here for elaboration.
CIick on the lmÄ…ge to see it well

Our Statement and Advice
You should not ignore the notification above because of mere speculation that it didn't come direct from NYSC.

The truth is that those instructions in the notification are the existing NYSC protocols. Also be informed that NYSC does not have double standards therefore, the instruction is applicable to PCMs in other institutions!

Any one who truly served in the NYSC should know that it is exactly how NYSC operates, so why telling PCM to ignore it?

Whether your institution publish it or not, it is the NYSC existing protocol. However, PCMs should not wait until their respective institutions publish same notification before they act. I reiterate, NYSC does not have double standards.

NOTE: NYSC has already given its guidelines to all the Corps Producing Institutions (CPIs), and those guidelines are the same for all institutions. 

WARNING: PCMs should not ignore the instructions as contain in the notification.

Notice that letter "D" talks about PCMs having 'initials' in their names. Do not panic! Go to JAMB office to correct it, also make sure you do not have any 'initial' in your school documents and do not use 'initial' when registrating for NYSC online.


  1. Please I seriously need help. The name on my primary school certificate is, Ede Ayebatonte while the rest of my documents has the name Ede Ayebatonte Alwell. Is that going to affect me in anyway? Please let me know so I work on it.

  2. Noooo, it won't affect you, NYSC does not need your primary school documents