This Will Happen If Your Name Is Not Found On The NYSC Senate List

In this article, we be discussing about the dangers if your name is not found on the NYSC Senate List.
In one of our previous posts, we explained what NYSC senate list is all about and how you can check if your name is there.

What will happen if your name is not on the NYSC Senate List?

The following will happen if your name is not found on the NYSC Senate List;

1. You will not be able to register online: If your name is not on the senate list, it simply indicates that you have not been approved by your institution or NYSC to go for service, and for that reason, you won't be able to register online.
So, even if your Institution upload your name on the senate list, you still have to *Check the Senate List*
in order to ensure it went successfully, because some names bounce back to the error list.

2. You will miss going for service with your batch: After sending senate list to the NYSC by your school, and your name is not on the list, it would be very difficult if not impossible to sort it out; this is because it takes schools lots of stressful process. Or do you think your school authority will go to NYSC Abuja headquarters to search files because of you?

3. Stress of contacting your school: If your colleagues left you behind, you would have no one to contact, or even if you have someone, your case might be different from his case. So, you would need to keep contacting your school or else you miss another batch because senate list parava.

4. You may not serve again: Yes, assuming you are almost 30yrs. If you miss your opportunity to go for service, you would be required to wait for another, who knows if you will clock 30 before the next batch?

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