Top 5 NYSC Scams PCMs Should Know and Avoid

You must have heard about scams or maybe have fallen victim once before. The trend is growing, reason you must be careful about how you use the internet.

In this article, we are going to expose 10 most prominent NYSC scams, so that you may not fall for them.

Sadly, most Prospective Corps Members (PCMs) listen to these scammers than they listen to bloggers who tell them to avoid them. PCMs that usually fall victim of these NYSC scams are those that don't bother to open 'links' to read our updates when we post on WhatsApp or Facebook. How then would you be informed if you don't read updates?

Below are the Top 5 NYSC scams you should avoid

1. Redeployment Scams:
Scammers on this niche usually post about redeployment on WhatsApp, Facebook and other social media, asking you to contact them with the number they will leave on their posts. Some PCMs usually fall for this scam, especially when they are posted to a certain state they never want to go. These scammers may sound little 'nice' by charging about N20,000, and then ask PCM to pay N10,000 or N5,000 as part of the payment, and complete the payment after they have seen their 'redeployment'.
They are scammers, they will never work your redeployment. Don't be desperate!

2. Get Posted To Your Desired State Scams:
These scammers know you are new in the NYSC system, and would like to do anything to be posted to your desired state. They will promise to work your on posting to your desired state; if you pay them certain amount of money.
Please, do not pay them!
Also, note that the profile pictures they use on WhatsApp or Facebook are never their real pictures. Be warned!!!
3. NYSC Accredited Registration Centres Scam: 
This scam is being staged by cyber café owners and their agents. When the time for NYSC online registration approaches, you will see them telling you that you can only be registered at the NYSC accredited cyber café or centres. Funny enough, they will lebel their own cyber café as one of the accredited. Though, this appears to be harmless but it can make a PCM to queue from morning to night waiting for turn in the so called accredited centre.
It is true that NYSC had accredited registration centres in the past, but today there is nothing like NYSC accredited centre, you can register in any Cyber café or even at your home. The only thing you need is to use "digital persona-450" for your thumb printing, exactly the one used for JAMB registeration.

4. NYSC Data Fixing scam:
These scammers usually claim to be working with NYSC or has connection with NYSC. PCMs that likely to fall are those that have disparity in their names, those that their names do not appear on the Senate list etc. They will promise they can fix any data for you. Please, do not pay them!!!

5. Exemption Letter scam:
So many PCMs who got exemption letter from NYSC usually fall for this scammers. If NYSC redirect you to print your exemption slip, just know that the reason is because your are up to 30years or your filled that you have served in any of the Nigeria's force (Military/para-military) or that you have certain disability.
There is nothing you can do, it's one of the NYSC laws. So, do not listen to any scammer that claims he can sort it for you.

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