What To Do If Your Name Is Not On The NYSC Senate List

If your name is not on the NYSC Senate List. Do not panic! First of all, follow the steps below:

1. Call your colleagues to find out if anyone else has seen his name. If no one from your school has seen his name, then no need to bother yourself; it simply means, those in your school/department have not been uploaded.

2. Check if there is a mistake in the spellings of your name; also check if your date of birth is correctly typed at the NYSC portal checking portal. Also, after checking with your surname, try with your first name because your school might used you first name as surname when uploading the list.

3. Contact your Institution to know why your name is not on the Senate approved list.

4. When online registration start, go ahead to register, if your details appear, it means that your name is on the senate, but maybe there is a mistake in your date of birth or surname. But if your name does not appear, there is nothing to do again, just wait for another batch. But ensure you contact your school so it would be fixed.

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