Will ASUU Strike Affact NYSC 2019 Batch 'A' ? Get Answer Here

One of the most asked questions by Prospective Corps Members (PCMs) is whether ASUU strike will affect them from going for service with 2019 Batch 'A' or not.

The good news is that ASUU strike is not going to affect you if you're already at the clearance stage, which I believe most of you fall into.

I know you would like to know 'how you can complete your 'final clearance' if ASUU strike is not called-off.

Well, understand that the non-academic staff are not on strike, they totally disagree with ASUU, what the Rector or the Vice-Chancellor of your school will do is to mandate the non-academic staff in the various departments/faculties to sign on behalf of their HODs/Faculty Deans.
The reason some schools have not done that is because they still hope that ASUU will be called-off, and the NYSC mobilisation has not started either.

So, ASUU can only stop those in final year; but not those that have already graduated with their results marked and compiled.

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What If ASUU strike continued till eternity, will it stop NYSC programme? 

Well, it might affect NYSC in the sense that the number of those going for service will reduce. But even if the number of graduates reduced, it is still an advantage to the NYSC; because there is no time NYSC want large people maybe because of the limited resources.
But strike certainly won't stop the NYSC programme.
Reason is because, Private Institutions are not on strike and they produce graduates every year. So, as long as private institutions produce graduates and there are also foreign graduates, ASUU strike won't stop NYSC even if the strike last for 10 years.

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