6 Reasons You Are Too Shy To Approach A Female Corper

I have seen many guys who can't just stand before a woman and talk to her above love because they are shy.
These shy guys are usually cute lovers but to 'speak out' is always their major problem.

Even when girls use 'body language' on them, they still don't know where to start or what to say.

 This is very dangerous because it is called dying in silence. Some of these guys when they go to their closest, they usually engage in the act of masturb*tion with the picture of the girl they love in their minds, but in the real life, they cannot say a word of love to the girl due to shyness.

Sometimes, they made up their minds that "today or tomorrow I must tell Cynthia how I love her". But when the time comes, they will shy away, the courage will no longer be there.

>> If you have done any of these things we described above, just keep reading, I will show you 6 key reasons you are too shy to approach a woman and how to overcome 'shyness' in that regards. 

1. Not Knowing What to Say: Isn't that amazing, that is why you keep practicing practicing and practicing on how you would tell her that you love her. You don't actually know what to say.
So, whenever you are in front of a girl, what to say will escape your mind.

To overcome this, you need to confidently approach that girl and tell her that you love her, you don't need to do it perfectly. Just tell her! Example:
Cynthia, I love you so much, I want you to be my girl friend or I want you to marry me. At this point, you don't need immediate answer from her, then what she says to you will determine your next line of action.

2. Body reaction: This is mostly common. So, because you love her, and now you are with her, all your body start reacting. Your manhood erect and become as hard as a wood. Due to the obvious erection, you become shy and uncomfortable, and now you want to leave her to cool down your 'thing' maybe before she notice.
To overcome this, you need to first understand that you don't have control over your erection and she is also aware. So why bothering yourself? If your 'thing' stands, let it stand, it's natural! Don't feel shy or naughty because of that. Sharp girls would only smile when they noticed, knowing fully way that they are the cause. So, be bold to tell her about your love for her even as your 'thing' point outward.

3. Past Experience: Due to your experience with a girl in the past, maybe one girl you 'woo' insult a hell out of you, and you now think that may reoccur if you tell this present girl that you love her. Why could you let your past experience hunt you down?
To overcome this, you need to wave every bad experience from your memory and approach her with boldness. After all, she won't beat you.

4. Fear Of Rejection: Fear is an anemy, if you have the fear that this particular lady may reject you, then she eventually may. As a man, you need to build self-confidence that even if you are rejected or have been rejected in the past, that should not stop you from approaching a girl that you love. Always have in mind that if she rejects you, then she is not for you, a better girl will come you way.

5. Lack of confidence: Lack of confidence can make you not to do that which you have in mind to do. In the real sense, women are fond of men who are confident of themselves. If you are not confident in yourself, how can you be confident in the woman you want to approach? Lack of confidence can be a reason some men are too shy to approach a woman. 

6. Waiting for a good time: There is no good time and there is no bad time. Every time is your opportunity. You just need to cultivate the habit of doing things without procrastination. If you keep waiting for a good time, another man will 'hit the nail'. It has happened to me. When I eventually told her, she asked me why I never let her know all these while, that she has got engaged to another man. You see how I lose my future wife to another person! If you don't act fast, you probably will loose yours too.

7. You Do Not Socialize: Wow! This supposed to be 6 but let me add number 7.
Some men are just themselves and all by themselves. They do not mingle with other persons outside. How then do you intend to talk to a girl you do not crush on? You cannot just stop a girl and start telling how you love her. You need to socialize with people, especially women, it's from there that you will hit.
Lack of social life can also be one of the reasons some men are too shy to approach a woman.

You can add number 8 using the comment section.

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  1. Pimples, crocro and put belly can make you shy too.