Questions and Answers About The NYSC Camp

Below are some of  the important questions and answers about the NYSC camp.

1.Que: Are we going to be given pillows and foam in camp?
Ans: No pillows, no foam, you will only be given student mattresses.

2. Que: Which bunk is the best, up or lower bunk?
Ans: Well, it depends on your test...In order not to avoid mistake, read up our bunk analysis, so that you can make perfect choice.

3. Que: For people going with mosquito nets, what if you are given up bunk... how would you find tent poles?
Ans: Don't worry about tent poles, just go to camp with your mosquito net, you will be amazed with inventions.

4. Que: Should I go with Condoms, I heard that sometimes corpers will be given some Condoms?
Ans: Yes, some camps still give out condoms during 'HIV campaign', but not for you to use it in camp. You will be decamped if found having intercourse. So, even if they give you condoms or you come with your own, wait until after camp before you use it.

5. Que: Are there thieves in camp?
Ans: Yes, you must be careful with your properties, if you watch your clothes, don't stay far from it until it dry.

6. Que: Are there saloon in camp?
Ans: Yes, for both ladies and guys to barb and plait hair in Mami market.

7. Que: Is there any provision for ironing and dry cleaning in camp?
Ans: Yes, there are a lot of dry cleaners, just give them your clothes and they will do justice to it.

8. Que: Is there any provision for charging phone?
Ans: No, but you can pay about #50 to fully charge it in mami market.

9. Que: is attending churches on Sunday compulsory?
Ans: No, it's not! On Sundays you are permitted to dress with casual wears.

10. Que: If white shirts and shorts is the main dress code in camp, then what of time for sports in the evenings?
Ans: That's why it is advisable to buy at least 2 whites shorts and shirts when coming to camp to add to another 2 that will be given to you.

11. Que:  How many days will I stay in the NYSC camp
Ans: 21 days (3 weeks) the 21st day is the camp pass out.

12. Que: After camp, what next?
Ans: After camp, you will be posted to a place for your primary assignments. That's where you will continue till you complete your service, no more going back to camp.

13. Que: How can I safeguard my money, phones and other important items in camp?
Ans: Let your waist purse be with you at all times even when sleeping, taking your bath and doing your laundry. 

14. Que: Can guys visit female dorms/hotels?
Ans: NO, it is serious offence, just control your babe with a phone calls.

15. Que: Safeguarding one's clothing. what's the best way to mark your wears?
Ans: Use permanent marker to write your names on all your clothes, cap and other things.

16. Que: Can we go outside the camp gate?
Ans: No, once you enter camp, no going exit except for nursing mothers and pregnant women.

17. Que: Can one enter camp a day before the opening? let's say you're from Enugu going to serve in Sokoto state?
Yes,you can, in fact it's the best.
Ans: Yes, that is even the best.

18. Que: How do camp hostels look like?
Ans: It like a big hall, you will have about 300 people as your roommate.

19. Que: If you're an instrumentalist, can you go to camp with your guitar or piano to be used in church, mosque etc?
Ans: Yes, you can.

20. Are pregnant women and nursing mothers allowed in camp?
Ans: Yes, but they are not allowed to lodge in camp. They will be coming to camp from off camp.
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  1. Can we bring Oder casual wears along?

    1. Yes, but they won't allow you to wear it except on Sundays.
      Two casual wears will be ok.
      But if you are posted to a very far place, and you do not have any intention to go back home after camping, then come with as many as you can.