Corps Members Threaten To Boycott Newly Scheduled Dates For Elections

Sequel to the postponement of Saturday's elections, Members of  the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) serving in Abuja have threatened to boycott the newly scheduled dates for the elections.

The postponement came as a shock to the corps members who said the development has affected them negatively.

They blamed the Independent Electoral Commission (INEC) for failing to 'hint' them of the decision before sending them out to various wards.

The Corper working as ad-hoc staff also blamed the NYSC for failing to prioritise their health and safety.

Many of them flooded social media expressing their dissatisfaction.

A corps member (anonymous) said "they had earlier gotten rumour" of the postponement and then started to monitor INEC Twitter handle up until the INEC chairman made a press conference".

He said some of them arrived their wards of posting at 2:22am and after 30 minutes had to leave.

INEC had NYSC ad-hoc staff sleep inside and around primary schools in an unsafe and unsanitary condition, no bed, no mosquito net, no security,  sudden postponement of the 2019 General elections," he complained.

At Life Camp, Kabusa and GSS Nyanya, corps members who spoke with the reporter demanded their feeding and transport allowances which were later given to them after much pressure.

In one of their WhatsApp Chat groups, the aggrieved corps members said there are 'plans' to start a movement with tag "#ServingButNotSlaves" to send a message to the authorities.

According to one of them "if only corps members will unite together and start a movement, decide generally not to show up for the elections again, probably INEC would try and treat us like humans".

Another responded: "I feel disrespected and disregarded by this inhuman treatment. INEC officials and security agents left the RAC without any notice. I don't mind leading a protest on this note; we slept under harsh conditions with very porous security. So they think we are fools?"

"The sad thing about this country is that the youths don’t have one voice. With the way corps members were treated yesterday, a bold statement from the youths would be ‘we’re not getting involved in coordinating anything, we’re just going to cast our votes," another commented. Source: Premium Time

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