Does Paul Ekpo Predicts Atiku's Victory?

A Nigerian Facebook user, Paul Ekpo with a user name 'Paul Ekpo Essien III' has predicted that Atiku Abubakar will win the 2019 general election zince February 17, 2015.

His prophecy has generated lots of shares and millions of views on Facebook, and it has spread across other social media platforms.

After we have run a background check on his post, we discovered that he (Paul Ekpo) edited one of his posts in 2015 few days ago to make it look as if he made the prediction in 2015.

You will see the 3 dotes at the top right of his post, if you click on that 3 dotes, the original post will pop up and the edited post as well.
Please, disregard this prediction. It is false! Thank you.

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