Guidelines On How To Check Your NYSC Monthly Clearance Status For Corps Members

One of the reasons some Corps Members do not receive their NYSC 'allawee' when others are recieving is because of 'absent' recorded in their clearance status.
Even if you are very sure that you did the NYSC LGA monthly clearance, it is still very important that you check your status inorder to ensure that it reflects on your dashboard.
'Absent' in your status will make NYSC not to make pay you, and it is likely that your service will be extended without pay.

So, in this article, we will be giving your some guidelines on how to check your NYSC monthly clearance status online. It is free to check!

>>Two things that will happen if you miss the NYSC monthly clearance

How To Check Your Status

1. Go to the NYSC portal, and login to your dashboard using the password and e-mail you used during online registration.

2. Click on "​LGA Clearance​".
It would show you the List of Month you partake for clearance and your status, which can either be 'Present' or 'Absent'

Note:​ Do not panic if you see '​Absent'​ at the Month you left NYSC camp. But, if you see 'Absent' in any other Month aside​ the month you left camp, it means you didn't partake in the monthly clearance for that Month!​

>> NYSC introduced thumb printing during CDS meetings to stop ghost corpers

Defaulters are advised to see their respective authorities (LGI's)​ before it is too late.

Inform your friends serving in other states who are not aware of this development. Thank you.

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