Important Guide for NYSC Corps Members working as ad hoc staff for election

On the day of the election, corps members should fully charge their mobile phones and go along with power banks as well as load recharge cards in order to make emergency calls.

Corps members should equip themselves with the telephone numbers of all state and local government officials of the NYSC as well as security numbers for emergency purpose.

Pack snacks, water and lunch for yourselves during the elections; refresh on all training materials and manuals and follow correct electoral process.

You are answerable to only NYSC officials and INEC electoral officers, do not speak to the press in the course of the elections.

All corps members participating in the elections must be properly dressed in NYSC uniform and display their identification cards to avoid people that might want to impersonate corps members.

Corps members must be at their various Registration Area Centres (RACs) 24 hours before the elections and pass the night there.

For the Presidential and Senatorial elections, you must get to your RAC by 4 pm on February 15 and for the governorship and house of Assembly elections, you must be there by 4 pm, March 1.

Your job is to work as ad hoc staff and do it the right way; ensure that you work to confirm that you have been trained.

If you engage in sharp practices, you will not be saved by the NYSC scheme.

Do not accept gifts or food items from politicians or electorate in order not to compromise your integrity.

On the day of the election, you will be working with security operatives in your polling units; interact with them at all times.

Be fair, polite, courteous and firm in the discharge of your duties. Ensure that you work with conformity with the electoral guidelines given to you.

As you are aware, the NYSC is non-partisan.

Security operatives will be attached to each polling unit and if you discover that there are none within your polling unit, please call for one.

Before the election day, prepare yourself emotionally, financially and spiritually.

All ad hoc electoral officers would be paid due allowances and remuneration by INEC, nobody would remove anything from your allowance.

-Comrade Nnadi Goodluck Donhacklord-

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