List of States That Do Not Pay Corpers NYSC Allawee

You all know that apart from the federal government normal allawance for NYSC Corps Members which is currently at N19,800, State government do pay Corps Members varying amounts, but not all state government pay.
So, in this post, we blacklisted all the states in Nigeria that do not pay Corpers.

Note: Some states in this blacklist may state paying as time goes on.

Below is a list of state in Nigeria that do not pay serving corpers.

1. Cross-River state

2. Bauchi state

3. Niger state

4. Abuja state

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5. Kaduna state

6. Rivers state

7. Benue state

8. Imo state

9. Ondo state

10. Abia (Abia is a very tricky state, they promised to be paying N5,000 but never pay any corper for more than three months)

11. Yobe state

12. Kogi state

13. Gombe state

14. Edo state

15. Kwara state

16. Ekiti state

17. Plateau state

18. Ogun state

19. Kano

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Note: No man is an embodiment of knowledge, this list of states that do not pay Corpers may not be complete, if you feel that we omitted any state state or included states that pay, kindly assist us by notifying us using the comment section below

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👉See full list of all the states and how much they pay.


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  2. Tarawa state 6k, started paying last month

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  4. Good post it's amazing the knowledge you have in your Niche