NYSC Sends Important Message To 2019 Batch 'A' PCMs As Regards To The Senate List.

This is to inform Prospective Corps Members (PCM) who are interested in going for service with 2019 Batch 'A' that most Corps Producing Institutions (CPIs) across Nigeria have compiled their Senate approved list. The list has not been uploaded online but it's available in their Institutions for cross-checking.

It is, therefore, advisable for PCMs to verify their names on the compiled senate list with their Institutions before it's uploaded online.
Benefits of cross-checking your name on the Senate list before your school upload it online.

1. If your data is not written properly, you will have the opportunity to correct it.

2. If your name is omitted, you will have the opportunity to request for inclusion.

3. Another person may use your matric number, and thereby disqualify you. So, cross-checking will help you to detect that on time.

Note: Once, the Senate list is being uploaded online, PCMs will be able to see their names on the NYSC portal, but in the case of omitted names and other related issues, PCMs will have to wait for another batch.
Therefore, in making sure that your on safe side, find out if the Senate list is already available in your school, then ask your friends to check your name for you; that is if you cannot do it by yourself.


  1. Please what about age issue because l learnt that if you cross 30,you will not be allow to participate.please is there any remedy for someone affected by this

  2. What about error in jamb reg number by school