10 Questions and Answers About the NYSC Online Registration

1. Que: Can I register if my name is not on the NYSC Senate List?
Ans: You will not be able to register, the system will be rejecting you.

2. Que: Can I Correct Mistakes made in my name, Course of Student and Date of Birth?
Ans: Yes, you can correct it - Click Here to learn more.

3. Que: How much does the NYSC online registration cost?
Ans: There is no fixed amount, it depends on what you bargain with the Cyber café where you will register. Some Cyber café charge N1000, N1500 or N2000.

4. Que: Apart from Cyber café charge, is there any charge by NYSC?
Que: Yes, for your call-up letter to be delivered to through online, you have to pay about N3000. It is optional though, because you can decide to collect your collect your call-up letter through your school.

5. Que: Should we pay to collect our call-up letters via online or not pay and collect via our schools?
Ans: We advise you payoo, this is Nigeria, if you know you know!

6. Que: What documents do I need to go to cyber café with for my online registration? 
Ans: For the items you need in Cyber café for your registration, Click her.

7. Que: Do foreign trained graduates need to see their names on the senate list before the online.registration.
Ans: Registration for foreign trained graduates is direct, they don't need any senate list. Learn more

8. Que: If I wish to pay with ATM card, must I use my own card?
Ans: No, you can you any ATM card.

9. Que: Must the payment be after one must have registered?
Ans: Payment is done during online registration.

10. Use the comment Section below to ask us the number 10 question. Check back for answer in few minutes!

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