Breakdowns Of Corps Members EIection Duty Allawances As Released By lNEC

We have observed that most Members of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) do not know why they recieved the amount they recieved from the ldependent National EIectoral Commission (lNEC), while some alleged that lNEC pay different amounts for Corpers serving in different states.

But we wish to state categorically that the lNEC allawance is thesame for all states. The problem that some 'Corpers' are having is not knowing which one they have recieved.
But don't worry, after showing you the breakdowns of the election duty allawances that Corps Members are entitled to recieve, you will have nothing to worry about anymore.

Below are the breakdowns:

Training allawance is N4,500. This training allowance includes transport (N1,000) and refreshment (N500), for the training period.

For deployment on election duty, they are entitled to transport, feeding and an honorarium of N9,000 and N4,000 making it N13,000 each while N17,500 is expected to be paid separately to each member for the presidential election,

Since no training will be conducted for the second election, the lNEC Chairman, Yakubu said each corp member will receive N13,000, making a total of N30,500.

"That is the Standard allowance for corps members," he said.

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