Fake 2019 Batch 'A' Call-up letter released by unscrupulous people - READ MORE

Please, kindly note that the picture of the Call-up letter below is fake. It is never from NYSC. Look at it, after looking at it, just below it, we will show how the original NYSC call-up letter look like
Now that you have seen the fake NYSC Call-up letter, let me now show you how the original look like.

Kindly, note that the NYSC call-up letter has not been released. In our next post, we will give you new date when it will be released.

At the main time CIick here to view the original NYSC call-up letter.


  1. How can i know when my call-up latter appears on my dashboard ?????????????

  2. How do I know when my call up letter appears on my dashboard.