Vital Information For 2019 Batch 'A' PCMs Who Have Not Seen Their Names On Senate List

This information is for Prospective Corps Members (PCMs) who have not seen their names on the NYSC online Senate List. Please, read the information below carefully.

If you have not seen your name on the NYSC online senate list, just go to cyber café and start your online registration. This is because about 95% Corps Producing Institutions (CPIs) have uploaded their names on the NYSC senate list, and also have submitted the hard copies of their senate lists to the NYSC Headquarters but due to some hitches with the NYSC system they are still not able to see their names up till now on the Senate List.

When you try to register online and it goes through, that means you are among those their Institutions have uploaded successful but due to technical hitches on the NYSC system was not able to show. But if it does not, it means your Institution is not among those that have uploaded.

Our Advice

Go to cyber café and follow the normal registration process like other PCMs.

Do not rely on seeing your name on the NYSC online Senate List anymore. During your online registration, if you end up seeing something like "You cannot be registered. Your school has not fulfilled the mandatory document submission" that means your school has not really upload your names; then wait until your school upload the senate list.
But if you DO NOT see such message, smile and continue your online registration... CIick Here for more.

NYSC Online Registration For 2019 Batch 'A' And Help Centre 

These are very important online registration guidelines, we prepared it to make sure every Prospective Corps Members have seamless registeration processes, especially those who have been following us at

In this page, we will be providing updates and helps to PCMs, so if at any point you encounter problem during registration, run to the comment section of this page. Any question you ask us through comment will be answered.

For now, these tips will help you so greatly.

Kindly be informed that not every PCMs who will register between 4th and 19th March will be enlisted or will be given call to the NYSC camp to participate in the camp orientation course; this is because the NYSC camps do not have enough space to accommodate all PCMs at once.

Therefore, some registered PCMs will either be shifted to Stream 2 or 2019 Batch 'B'.

But it is important to note that at the time of this publication, there is not yet an official statement from NYSC concerning if there will be Stream2 Batch 'A' but for sure, there will be Batch 'B', and I am sure you are not ready to wait for Batch 'B' which no one knows when they will be called to camp.

Below are your online registration tips and guidelines:

1. Register early: Please, go to cyber café for your registration very early in the morning, so that you can register before NYSC server gets hitched as usual due to large traffic.

2. Register on 4th or 5th March so that you won't be shifted to another batch or streams if there will be any.

3. You must have a functional e-mail address. Please, DO NOT make use of the cyber café man email. If you don't have email address, you can create one for yourself. It is simple and easy to create.

4. Sit behind or by the side of the cyber man, so as to make sure he fills in your details correctly.

5. Make sure you register with your Nigeria active phone number. DO NOT register with the cyber man phone number or your parents phone number. Because as time goes on, you will be receiving important message from the NYSC management.

6. Go with make up free face and white passport photograph (one copy is ok)

7. Wash your hand and keep it neat so that thumb scanning machine won't reject it.

8. Pay for call-up letter, though it's optional but pay, so that NYSC will send you call-up to your dashboard for online printing. That will save you some stress.

9. Go to cyber café with your ATM Visa or Masters card or some cash (there are other payment options)

10. You must do your Biometric verification by yourself. DO NOT let another person to thumbprint in your space.

11. Print your green card in colourd. Green card is a slip NYSC will send to you at the point of completing your online registration. If you are having problem doing it, don't tell that person by your side to quickly do it for you. You must keep trying.

12. You will be required to create an online profile before you proceed to registration. Please, use your own e-mail and any simple thing you can easily remember as your password. You'll need your e-mail address and password for subsequent login to your dashboard. So keep it safe.

13.The 3 NYSC official website are:
13. After registration, keep checking your email. A URL will be sent to your e-mail. It is through that URL you will print your Green Card.

Now, the Following Are the Items You Need To Go To Cyber Cafe with For Your Registration

1. Passport photo graph (white or off-white background)

2. Biro(pen) because you may need to write down something 

3. Your school matriculation number and Jamb Reg number.

4. Marriage documents (for married woman who wish to be posted same place her husband resides)

5. ATM card (Masters or Verve) because you would be required to pay for call-up letter
6. Please, go with some cash (5k is ok)

Qualifications  For The NYSC Online Registration

It is true that not everyone will be allow to register online. In one of our previous posts we discussed about who is eligible to register. Please, read to ensure that you are qualified to register before you begin your registration >>CLick Here 
If you have qu6estions, please kindly drop in the comments section below.


  1. What time will the portal be open

  2. Anonymous12:05 am

    Please, what is utility bill? I read somewhere that it is a requirement for married PCMs

    1. The most common utility bill in Nigeria is any of the Following:
      1.Electric power (NEPA) bill
      3.Water Bill
      2.Sanitation bill

  3. Please what does this mean "You cannot initiate account creation because registration is currently closed"

    1. The problem is from the NYSC server, am sure they are working on it. Keep trying!

  4. How long does it take for nysc to send a mail to your email after creating your account using email ?

    1. 5 minutes, but due to hitches with the NYSC system, it might take longer!

  5. For some of us, our schools have uploaded our names but when we try to reg, "your school has not fulfilled the mandatory document submission" is what we get. Pls what can be done?

    1. Probably, your school hasn't submitted the hard copy of the senate list that they uploaded.

  6. admin please any idea on when batch b will go to camp (just the month ) + i want to ask what happens when i am posted in batch A but refuse to go to camp will i still be able to go with another batch even if i had already print my call up letter

    1. For 2019 Batch 'B' there is no official date yet. But that will be around July.

      If you are posted in Batch 'A' but did not go to camp, it is not a problem at all.

      You can follow the next Batch 'B' or even 2020 Batch 'A'. Just any time you like but you will need to do 'Revalidation' with any next batch you want to go with.

  7. Please I made a mistake when doing my nysc online registration yesterday,I used 2005 instead of 2004 as my primary school leaving certificate please what is the effect and what do I need to do

    1. There is not affect, just leave it that way. It is not a problem!

  8. How long does it take for nysc to send
    you your green card to your email??

  9. Sir pls.....I did my reg yesterday and was told the green card will be ready today which was not...pls when can it be ready as to enable us print..thank you

    1. Don't worry yourself. You Green card can be ready any moment from now.
      The reason of the delay is because of some hitches with tje NYSC system.

      You can always use your phone to check if your green is ready.

  10. Anonymous11:30 pm

    Is batch A going to have a stream 2?

    1. There must be leftovers because the NYSC camps have not enough space to accommodate all the registered PCMs at once.

      The left overs will constitute Stream2 or they will be pushed to Batch 'B'.

  11. I did news paper change of name and scan everything required as a married woman but they still ask me to select different state which I did.hope I will be posted to my husband state according to my online. But what I don't understand is after all d document I scan they still ask me to choose different 4 state

  12. please I want an explanation on this "if I want to register the error message it give is " no detail found ensure that your details are correct ensure your school provided a correct details" thanks so much

  13. Enter your comment...Sir, I can't find my name on the Senate list uploaded by my school ,,because have used the pcm featured app and I couldn't find my name...what can I do sir

  14. Anonymous1:54 am

    JOIN the watsap group below for. Batch b pcms updates