Why You Should Choose Kano Instead Of Abuja and Akwa Ibom During NYSC Registration

Written by: Mrphysics
"This might sound as a shock against the popular belief people have. Well, I will be passing out on Friday, 7th April, 2017. Having been in NYSC scheme for a year, I think I am in the best position to make my analysis. Well, so many persons believe that Abuja and Akwa Ibom state will be their first and second choice for NYSC, but the truth is that, Kano state is actually better than the duo state. Here are my humble submission.

State Allowance: 
Unlike what it used to be before, Akwa Ibom is no longer paying the N10,000 monthly allowance to corps members, same as Abuja, and hence there is no need going to these states. While N5,000 in Kano is equivalent to N20,000 in Abuja and Akwa Ibom, i wonder why anyone will not go for Kano. Kano state has started paying corps member, they started with this Batch A who are about to pass out. Hence, since N5000 in Kano is equivalent to N20,000 in Abuja and Akwa Ibom, choosing the two state is to live a life of no savings during the service year. 
Place of Primary Assignment: 
If you are looking for a good place to be during your service year, then Kano state should be your first choice. With lots of industries using NYSC labour, Kano state has proven to absorb more corps members than most other states. As a commercial city, Kano has become a home to numerous corps members who have gotten a work or gotten themselves in different business while serving their country. 
Cheap Food:
Let's just say that, a sachet of water is still sold for N5 in Kano, a cup of beans sold for N40 in Kano, these prices is what you will never get in Abuja or Akwa Ibom. My colleagues serving in both states have been crying, that though some PPA's pays N10k, it becomes useless as the purchasing power of money is low in the two states. I still buy my tomatoes for N40, pepper N10, and Onions N10, these items will be in good quantity except if you are serving in Sabon gari where Igbo's and Yoruba's dominate for business purposes. Things are relatively cheap over here and there is no way your N19800, won't remain at the end of the month. 
For one year that I have been in Kano, I can tell you that we have enjoyed a peaceful atmosphere and everything has been going well. The NYSC officials has been great in the affairs of corps members. You are highly respected by the people for being a corps member and they regard and respect your security. Just go with your I.D card and you are always safe anywhere.
So many persons who have not being to kano think that the city is not developed simply because it is located in the north. The reverse is the case. The truth is that, Kano is more developed than Akwa Ibom ( I have been to this state severally), Enugu, and other states. The infrastructural development in Kano beats that of kaduna, so feel free, you are coming to the biggest city in the North. 
Well, let me say that Kano State enjoy constant light. And it is even better when serving in the village. Some corps members do not pay for light, while others pay as low as N100. Unlike what is obtainable in Abuja and Akwa Ibom. My colleague in Akwa Ibom and Abuja always complain about light, though it may depend on which part of the state they are. But even if you stay in Kano village, just be assured that you will always have light.
From the above reasons, I urge prospective corps members to avoid making mistakes their colleagues make by choosing Akwa Ibom or Abuja and end up crying on the long run. N19800 is too little to depend on, or even paying higher amount for nothing. You are choosing Abuja, can you afford the transportation? Abuja is not for N19800 corpers. You are choosing Akwa Ibom, can you feed yourself for a month with N19800 and still have a savings?.
If you finally make it to kano, and you are posted to the city, send me an email, I will link you up to a good PPA, especially those that would be posted to Gwale Local Government. Thanks and have a nice service year.
Dedicated to Pocohantas
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