Corps Member Allegedly Run Mad in village where he is serving

A male member of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) has allegedly ran mad in village where he is serving. Information about him is not yet known as our reporters are still working to get close to the case.

In the picture which has gone viral on the internet, the Corps member was seen running round in the village market wearing his NYSC khaki trousers, no shoe and no shirt....Stay close for more details


  1. The alleged Corp member isn't mad, but creating awareness in order to catch the attention of buyers and sellers @ the market where his CDS group(SERVICE DELIVERY GROUP: SERVICOM) went for sensitization of marketers on the right way to attend to their CUSTOMERS no matter what be the health situation of such individual. Thanks.
    For more information contact: 08038158330.

  2. Why is nysc not paying us at as when due