PowerPorte, Best Way To Charge Phones In NYSC Orientation Camp

Hey prospective corp members, Powerporte will be on camp to ensure that your mobile devices don’t experience any downtime and you don’t miss any moment of your social media life or any phone call.

How does Powerporte intend to do that?

Powerporte would be on camp to offer you its smart power-bank rental service to corp members. 

The Nysc camp can be so interesting with so many activities that would not permit you the luxury of sitting next to a wall socket, that is if you are highly favoured to find one. 

Powerporte wants to offer you the convenience and luxury of capturing every moment on camp which ranges from the numerous activities on the parade ground, the Man ‘O’ War drills, SAED lectures, Social events, Sport events and a lot more. 

So why not just visit Powerporte on camp get a smart power-bank, go use it, return it and come back for another. 

How does Powerporte work? 

Powerporte is smart 5000mah power-bank that can only be charged by its charging station and ejected by a user by scanning a barcode that is found on the charging station. 

Powerporte has a special Promotional offer for all Corp Members NYSC BATCH B STREAM 2 corp members.
They can subscribe with N3,000 to have a Powerporte smart power bank daily throughout their duration in camp. All they need do is: 

I. Download the Powerporte app from Apple App Store or Google Play Store 

II. Signup or create and account. 

III. Come to camp with N3,000 and locate Powerporte Stand to purchase a promo voucher. 

IV. Start renting power bank. 

Why choose Powerporte 

1. Quick Charge - Phone can be charged in 45mins -1.5 hours fully 

2. Instant Rent - Users can rent power banks by scanning the QR Code on the station, billing starts after 5mins of free rental. Monitor usage on the app. 

3. Simple Return – Return the power bank by slotting it into the station vent. Your billing stop and your records are displayed on the app.

4. In App Notification In app notification to inform and remind use rs of their usage and when users forget to return the power bank. 

5. Google Map: Powerporte Map help you locate a Powerporte vendor close to you and to return after use. 

6. Handy Power Bank and Smart Power bank is lightweight with 5000 mAh capacity can be held by one hand.

7. Three Apple, C-- In One Charging Cables Fitted with the latest Lightning cable for type and Micro USB cables can be charged by Powerporte power bank. 

8. Safety Guaranteed ertified. Powerporte technology is MFI, CB, FCC, CE, RoHS

See you in camp!!!

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