List of states in Nigeria that ban crossover servoce due to covid 19

It's necessary to note that some states have restricted the 
church programs that carries many into the new year.
List of states in Nigeria that banned cross over service due to COVID 19 situation 
You can find below a record of the various states that have imposed and ordered a prohibit on “Cross Over” Service throughout the state.

1. Ondo State:

The Ondo state government has ban all-night crossover service in all of its 18 local government. The state   governments even organized half operations of activities of public activities on clubs, hotels, departmental stores, supermarkets and evencenterses.

They warned that every citizen of the state should observe Covid-19 protocols.

Also, the mandatory method of Face Masks at public places to avoid the spread of the ravaging coronavirus epidemic.

The government recommended any activities that   comprised of physical attendance should be reconsidered to change the actual version.

Ondo state government also added there will be three (3) months imprisonment or N20,000 fine or both for wrongdoer of the law and guidelines.

2. Osun State:

On 28th December 2020, the Osun State Government ordered ban on cross-over service as a bid to decrease the spread of the ravaging coronavirus epidemic.

It says it will not allow countdown to New Year ceremonies and cross-over nights by spiritual bodies and groups during the New Year Eve.

They have even enforced the state security operatives to take action and to ensure there’s no form of social gathering in the state.

Osun State Government has pleaded to the citizens to cut down on social gatherings, including weddings, naming ceremonies, to curtail the spate of exposure and connection with an infected person.

3.Ogun State:

The Ogun State Governor, Dapo Abiodun, in the same vein has declared openly the suspension of street carnivals, and restricted attendance to cross-over services, parties, and similar meetings.

The directives were issued on Wednesday after a discussion between the state government and religious leaders, as well as community leaders.

He further added on Wednesday that all markets are to open exactly  form 8 am and 4 pm as well as maintaining social distancing.

4.Lagos State:

The Lagos State Government did not carry last in this decision making. Gov. Sanwo-Olu on 25th December 2020 authorized worshipers to suspend all-night services, including vigils and crossover events throughout the state.

He assured citizens that the curfew imposed between midnight and 4 am will be strictly enforced.

Governor Sanwo-Olu further added that urges religious leaders to assure their followers examine the protocols implemented to curb the spread of the ravaging coronavirus.

5.Kwara State:

The state of Harmony, Kwara State Government has required partial lockdown on the state.

The government authorized curfew in the state from midnight t4:30 am till further notice.

Some of the guidelines set are mandatory use of face masks in public places, while clubs, concert, Carnivals are banned till further notice, they added that no worshiper must allow congregations exceeding 50% of the maximum capacity for the venue to allow for proper social distancing.

Civil servants are to work from home, hence, virtual meetings are being encouraged.

6 Federal Government Territory (FCT):

Likewise, the federal government territory chairman, Malam Bello has decreed that all bars, restaurants, leisure garden, and event centers should be shut for five (5) weeks.

He ordered not more than 50% members for all kind of social meetings like festival events, congresses, concerts, sporting activities, seminars should hold.

violators will be sued through the mobile courts’ system.

8.Plateau State:

The Plateau state government on Wednesday says there was no agenda to lock down the state over the second wave of COVID-19.

Atu said, “The state government is working with security agents to be more proactive rather than reactive.”

He  insistedsst that everyone should use  face mask  in all public places.

Hence, Cross over can still hold, but not more than 50% members.

9.Ekiti State:

Ekiti State Government has also joined the league. The state government announced the new regulations to curtail the spread of coronavirus in the state.

Governor Fayemi reveals that the government is very disturbed with the daily increasing figure of infected citizens and economic well-being.

he said, included hand washing, use of hand sanitizers, observation of the approved social distance and to allow only half of the sitting capacity of the church to participate in the service.

However, the task force and law enforcement agents are to begin aggressive compliance enforcement actions in public places, including worship centers, even centers, markets, supermarkets, bars, and hotels on Wednesday.

10.Edo State:

Edo State Government has announced the reintroduction of restrictions and reactivation of disease surveillance and management protocols to prevent the widespread of coronavirus.

The state had adjusted its curfew to begin from 12 midnight to 4 am daily, beginning from December 23, except on December 31, 2020

Governor Obaseki said, “Wearing of facemask is mandatory in public places; there should be a severe reduction several of people attending religious, political and social gatherings in one place; people are advised not to patronize or enter any public facility without hand wash spot, provided with soap and running water.”

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