15 countries that grant citizenship by marriage

Considerating of settling down in one of those countries you used to wish about, and you’re finding it impossible on how to live and work in that country lawfully, relax and let me tell you about 15 countries that grant citizenship by marriage, you have the right to select one of them by truly being in a genuine love relationship with one of their citizen. By doing so you’ve killed two birds with one stone. The choice is absolutely yours.

Although it’s not encouraged and reasonable to go for a marriage of convenience but having a second passport or being a citizen of a nation that authorizes dual citizenship is the wisest way of touring the world for those that love the adventure particularly business travellers.

This wonderful Central European country popularly called Holland that is an ambition to reside and work permanently permits citizenship by marriage.
It is a notable fact that if you’re settling anywhere in the Netherlands you may not like to leave, due to friendly and civilized society you met in your daily businesses.
If you’re living and working in The Netherlands qualifications in acquiring the country’s citizenship commonly take a duration of 5 years minimum. Though, the regulations are relaxed if you married a Netherlands citizen.
If you reside with your lover for a fixed period of 3 years you’re automatically entitled to apply for citizenship. If you married a Netherlands citizen it doesn’t count if you reside or stay outside the country, as long as you stay together with your partner during the period you’re entitled to apply.

Arguably, the most sought after nation for relocation by young people concentrating on Europe. Everyone wishes to get there and stay but the immigration policy is somehow very strict. The best way for a person yet to marry or divorces is to pay a visit to Germany and inquire for a lovely German person, make a proposal and you’re on your path to become a German citizen due to the facts that German constitution authorizes citizenship by marriage.
Part of the hurdle you have to scale after marriage is to be outstanding in learning German which is a vital condition for citizenship, and live lawfully in Germany with your spouse for a duration of 3 years, then placed in your application for citizenship.
There is a system in place for you to enrol for German for free, to crown it all, you will be earning monetary income while learning the language.

A country found in northwestern South America. Statistically, Colombia is the 28th most populous nation in the world. In Latin America after Brazil, Colombia is the best place lovers can fulfill their dream because Colombia permits citizenship by marriage with a friendly processing method.
Attaining citizenship by living and working or the investment choice may take a duration of 5 to 10 years to process, however, if you wedded a Colombian you can obtain the citizenship in just 2 years of marriage and staying in Colombia.
The icy on the cake is that you’re free to visit to many countries of the world visa-free. After several years of civil dispute, Colombia is now friendly and a place for lovers.

Belize is an English-speaking country positioned in North Central America on the Caribbean coast. A small country that pegged her currency to the United States dollars, is an area where people digging for love wish to go due to the facts that Belize allows citizenship by marriage with a vital passport that allows the holder visa-free entry to many attractive countries.
Under normal situations, a foreigner must reside in Belize for at least 5 years to apply for permanent resident and obtain citizenship. However, if you’re fortunate to be married to a Belize citizen you’re free to apply for citizenship after living for a year because your marriage to a Belize citizen is automatic to give you residency status.


A former Soviet Socialist Republic territory, Ukraine is a big country situated  in Eastern Europe, is a country that recognised citizenship by marriage. If you are prepared to marry a Ukrainian and you’re being living together for more than 2 years you are free to apply for citizenship.
Citizenship by marriage in Ukraine is so famous that it’s possible to inquiry for semi-legal entities specialized in matchmaking and relating guys with potential spouses provided you can pay for the service.
The only disadvantage in the obtainment of Ukrainian citizenship is that she doesn’t allow dual citizenship. On the other hand, as a Ukrainian passport owner, you have the right of visiting  many countries visa-free.

The biggest country in South America and the fifth-largest nation in the world gives you the fast means to citizenship as a foreigner if you are lawfully married to a Brazilian citizen. Unlike several other nations in which you wasted years in the qualification processes, in Brazil if you’re married to a Brazilian you could be approved of citizenship within one year of your love affair.
This is far reasonably and faster than the investment and permanent citizen options which enables the foreigner to apply after 4 years of uninterrupted residency, having a partner allows you citizenship one year of continuous staying in Brazil.

A country found in North America, neighbouring United States, Guatemala and Belize, is an area where having a Mexican citizen as the spouse is a big benefit.
Foremost, you’re authorized to apply for citizenship after two years of living with your wife or husband in Mexico.
Secondly, you’re entitled for Mexican Passport which enables you visa-free entry into more than 134 countries. 

A country situated on the Iberian peninsula, neighbouring Morocco, Gibraltar, Portugal, Andorra and France in southwestern Europe is one of a developed country that permits a foreigner who fell in love and married Spanish citizen to come to be a naturalized citizen.
The fastest way to become a Spanish citizenship is by marriage. If you married one of their citizens, live and pay your tax for just one year, you’re automatically entitled to apply for citizenship which under normal conditions can take four years or more to mature. Speaking Spanish is not a requirement but love.


This island country situated in the Mediterranean Sea, South of Sicily, Italy and a member of the European Union is another country that authorizes citizenship by marriage. A few years back just around the year 2000, as soon as you engaged or married a Maltese you’re allowed to apply for citizenship, however, due to fraudulent habits by some people and the high need for Maltese citizenship, presently, if you’re qualified to apply you must wait for at least five years before going  for Maltese citizenship.
The citizenship by marriage could be processed by submitting ( the 2 parties)
1. Wedding certificate
2. Birth certificate
3. Identity card
4. Date and place or registry department where the marriage was conducted.
5. Name of the presiding officer.
6. Name of witnesses to the marriage.

This island country off the coast of West Africa presents a lover that married her citizen one of the quickest citizenship in the world.
As quickly as you married, you are free to apply for citizenship and you are entitled for one of the most influential passports in the earth, you’re free to travel and enter very many countries you’ve been wishing about for so long without the necessity to obtain a visa to enter.
The usual application for citizenship starts after 5 years of being a legitimate resident of Cape Verde, however, if you are able to locate somebody to marry in this small island country you can apply instantly. Inquire and find love is all you need. How you go about it, the duty is yours.

A South Western European country situated on the Atlantic Coast of the Iberian peninsula and a member of the European Union is a country where citizenship by marriage is practised and fast-tracked.
In natural circumstances obtaining Portuguese citizenship take a long time and procedures. A lawfully resident foreigner wish to reside in the country for six years, but if you are in love with a Portuguese and you married  someone you can start the citizenship application instantly. What are you waiting for, proceed to Portugal and hunt for a genuine love you’re on your route to be a member of the European Union.

A landlocked and mountainous country positioned in South-Central Europe. This developed nation is another country that permits citizenship by marriage.
If you don’t mind the cost of living in Switzerland which is higher than most advanced countries, go there and be in love and marry a Swiss citizen you will succeed from a simplified naturalization system.
Processing a Switzerland citizenship through working or residence permit could be very tiresome and take a longer time, however, citizenship by marriage expected a minimum of five years.
You’re entitled if you have been residing legally for five years and married a Switzerland citizen for 3 years.
Unlike in some close countries where understanding the dialect is a basic requirement, in Switzerland love is all you need to be a Swiss citizen, not the language for a Swiss mate.

13. FIJI
This large island country located in the continent of Oceania, exactly in the South Pacific Ocean allows citizenship by marriage.
If you’re in love and married to a Fijian you’re free to apply for citizenship. On situation that you have lawfully lived in the country for 3 years and you have married for 5 years.
If you want a second passport that certifies you to travel visa-free and has easy admission into those crucial nations of the world, go to Fiji Islands and be in love with a Fijian, settle down, in no time you’re on your way to a favorable life, and free to explore the world visa free admission.

This country found on the west coast of Africa authorizes citizenship by marriage. If you’re really in love with a Ghanaian, married the person and staying lawfully in Ghana you can apply for citizenship.
While the natural application for citizenship may be longer to get acceptance, citizenship by marriage is quicker, a partner of Ghanaian citizen can commence the application process after a few years of marriage. The quickest way to be a Ghanaian is to marry a Ghanaian citizen. You better go for it. The icy on the cake is that you have no language barrier in that most Ghanaian citizens do speak and understand English, even in rural areas.

A coaster country situated in South East Asia permits citizenship by marriage. In normal conditions acquiring Cambodia citizenship is very difficult and take a long time. However, for somebody in love and married a Cambodian citizen the qualification years is drastically decreased.
If you’re residing and working in Cambodia lawfully, you have to stay for at least seven years and pass a language proficiency test before  applying for citizenship. But for a loving person, you only need 3 years to qualified for application for citizenship. Fortunate you. Cambodia is waiting for you lover guys.

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