5 productive chicken that can give you good money

Keeping chicken is a good project and should first begin by selecting the best breeds. This ensures that your poultry activity is productive oriented to help you earn good money. Choose and select highly productive chicken breeds that will favor and help grow your poultry business.

Here are 5 chicken breeds that can be the best for you;

1.Barnevelder Breed.

This chicken breed has the capacity to lay about two hundred eggs yearly. The benefit of maintaining this is because it is easily suited rearing pens with little or no discomfort at all. Someone keeping this breed benefits from both eggs as well as trading the additional chickens at the time prices are favorable to gain reasonable earnings.

2.Sussex Breed.

This is another breed to consider when keeping chickens because its capable of laying up to 250 eggs yearly. It has an advantage given that its eggs as nicely as meat can be sold. They are a nice breed based on their highest productivity nature.

3.Hybrid Breed.

Hybrid chicken breeds are the most productive and can lay about two hundred and eighty eggs yearly. They are the best to keep as they don't go broody easily coupled with good-egg laying abilities.

4.Maran Breed.

Chickens from this breed are capable of laying about two hundred eggs in a reasonable year. It can be a good breed for somebody keeping them for the motive of yielding eggs that could be sold to earn money.

5.Easter Eggers Breed.

They are a nice to keep breed based on their good laying abilities and friendlier natures. They can lay up to 250 eggs which can be sold in the long run to earn you big money. As far as they are fed well egg production will always be high.

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