How to start Turkey breeding business with just N3000

Turkey rearing business is a very lucrative business that you can begin with a small money and earn big incomes. It is a business that many people did not pay interest to, all that is needed is your decision and attention in the business.Turkey rearing business is a big opportunity, as a day old is sold about #1,500 each, an adult one if it’s a male is sold between #10,000 and #30,000 while the female one is sold between #8,000 and #15,000 respectively, depending on its size.

To start this business, all you require to do is to purchase Turkey’s eggs, these eggs must be fertilized ones, that is, it must be a product of both sexes, not ordinary eggs.

You can purchase the egg within the range of #250 to #300 per one, after that you will find a local Hen which is already laying after it has completed laying of her eggs, you will pack all her eggs and change them with that of Turkey. You must do that carefully so that the Hen will not recognize that her eggs have been changed with.

Ordinarily, the incubation time for Hen is 21 days, but that of Turkey is 28 days. The Hen will hatch Turkey’s eggs on the 28th day and instantly after you notice she has completed hatching, you will remove all the little Turkeys from the Hen and put them in a different place for adequate care.

For a start, little Turkey cannot eat on their own, so they need tutoring, you will then purchase a day old chicken and put them together with Turkey, you will thereafter purchase starter feed for them, the chicken will teach them how to eat, within 2 to 3 weeks they must have been eaten on their own.
You can follow the above method for as many times as the quantity of Turkeys you want to raise. As at now a 4 weeks old Turkey is sold for #2500, if the Hen hatched 10 eggs for you, that is #25,000. You can evaluate the profits from #3000 capital

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