You can make more than a million with small snail farming monthly

 You can make more than a million with small anail farming monthly

The farming of land snails is a very lucrative business investment for the practitioners. Specific types of snails are preferred for commercial farming because of their size and the amount of meat they produce.

Many variety of snails that are good for farming are found in western nations and Africa. Each area has various species that thrive in varied environments.

 Not all snails are consumed by humans; some can be downright toxic. Some have other uses: many produce substances used by cosmetic factories. Luckily most large land snails are edible and are a highly sought after delicacy that attracts a premium price in the marketplace.

Snails feed on fruits, vegetables like cabbage, microscopic algae and moist leaves such as banana or plantain leaves or lettuce.

Snail farming is nearly collecting the right resources, like humidity and temperature controls, the kind of pen required and the quality of the soil. Other considerations are the sourcing of food and requirement of calcium which constitutes 97% of the snail's shell.

Climate supervision is important, especially instruments like sprinklers to keep the soil moist. Protective pens that are pest proof are needed. Snails can be eaten or killed by lizards, birds and rodents. They are surprisingly mobile so keeping them safe and comfortable should be your number one preference.

The tool needed to farm snails include outdoor pens or indoor plastic tunnels for breeding. Climate control equipment like sprinklers and humidifiers is important, to maintain the temperature range from 16° to 24°C.

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